Becoming A Business Angel - Thursday 26th January 6pm onwards

Fri, 13 Jan 2017
Becoming A Business Angel - Thursday 26th January 6pm onwards

With savings rates hitting an all-time low, many individuals are looking to get a better return from alternative investments.  Investing in start-up or early stage businesses is more popular than ever, fuelled by the growth of crowdfunding platforms as well as the tax advantages of buying shares in private companies.

However, it’s not all about any potential financial gain.  Business Angels consistently report that working with and helping a young business grow, is one of the most satisfying journeys they have experienced.

You may be wary at the prospect of becoming an Angel or a Crowd investor, as there is a common misconception that Angel investing is only done at private clubs by men in pin-stripe suits. This is simply not true, as Angels can come from all walks of life and women make particularly savvy investors.

There are three types of Angel investor each offering different levels of involvement within the business they invest into.

  • a lead angel;
  • a syndicate angel;
  • and an online/crowd investor

If you’d like to find out more, and decide which type of investor you may like to become, as well as where to find possible business opportunities and the income tax and capital gains tax reliefs that may be available to you, come along to our free seminar.

Stuart Dutton, Howard Worth Corporate Finance Partner will explain the possible tax reliefs that may be available to you and Kirsty McGregor from Angels Den, who are part of the national “Become An Angel” campaign, will give you essential insights and tips.

A light supper and refreshments will be served after the presentations.

It will be on Thursday 26th January, 6pm onwards at our Northwich office.

For further information and to book your free place CLICK HERE